Informations for Applicants

Where are the job interviews located?

Job interviews exclusively take place in:

Britsch Spannzeuge GmbH
Rastatter Straße 30
75179 Pforzheim


What is essential ?

Applications will be noticed only if they are completely gapless. (except applications for temporary work). Following informations must be present:



How can I send an application?

Send it by mail to:

Britsch Spannzeuge GmbH
Rastatter Straße 30
D-75179 Pforzheim

Or by E-Mail to:


Where can I park my car?

We have parking lots in front and behind of the building.


Can I applicate myself without an online job advertisement available?

You could send us your application also without any online job advertisement. We will check it immediately and inform you as soon as possible.