12.08.2016Dead length collets
The majority of dead length collets we are producing are now ready in stock.
Some of them are halfway through and will be finished soon.
We would be pleased to answer your enquiries to convince you of our quality!
12.08.2016Backworking holders
As we are always improving and adapting our product range we can now offer you new diameters for backworking holders.
Our newest expansion concerns backworking holders with inch sizes. We are looking forward for your inquiry.
26.11.2015Our Catalogue for CITIZEN, STAR, TORNOS
Your Customers are using CITIZEN, STAR or TORNOS machines? We got the right catalogue for it! Now you can find them in the download area here on our Website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about it.
18.02.2015APPLITEC height adjustable backworking holders
We are continuously increasing our product range of backworking holders for SWISS turn machines. Our latest parts are holders for APPLITEC inserts. Currently they are in the manufacturing process but available in stock soon.
18.02.2015HORN height adjustable backworking holders
Our backworking holder system for SWISS turn machines is not only popular in fact of the height adjustment. It is a modular system with a huge multiplicity of possible application areas.

With a shank (HVD) for a specific machine our customer could use all different holders we have in our product range. For example holders for norm inserts, BIMU inserts, APPLITEC inserts as well as IFANGER cutter or ISCAR PICCO CUT tools. It is a very large range of possibilities.

Therefore holders for HORN tools should not be missing
02.02.2015ETR brochure
Tapping Collets with Length Adjustment.

Our reminder for all who did not know our Topseller in collets or missed it
while checking our large product range.

Instead of hexagon like our competitors we prefer spline drive for exacter guidance
and higher torque.
27.08.2014A new catalog has arrived!
As of now the entire catalog is available for download in „Downloads“ section. “Products” section also allows you to click deeper into our new catalog.

For the last two years we worked hard on radically changing, revising and reviewing the existing catalog. That way a multitude of products was added, which have been manufactured and have been available on stock for years, however unfortunately never found their way into the existing catalog. To get an impression about how many new product variations were added, some numbers in the following:

Old CatalogCatalog 2015
Cylindrical collet holders215510
Collet sleeves151268
Nuts for collet sleeves124235
Tap holders130469
Revolving bar stops35224
Reamer holders162222

The new catalog paper mold is currently in print and will be available from September 18th, 2014. Best you place a reservation right now by sending an E-Mail to

If you have any questions about the new catalog, our team is available with words and deeds at all times.